Change background colour for glasses tint
  • White

  • Rose

  • Aqua

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Lime

  • Grey

  • Peach

  • Sky Blue

  • Mint

  • Amber-Orange

  • Purple-Rose

  • Lilac-Rose

  • Pink-Magenta

  • Double Blue

  • Strawberry Red

All prices are complete prices for frame AND specialised tint available in 159+ specific tint colours (15 from our standard range as well as 144+ customised tints). We also stock the latest in CLEAR Honeycomb lenses.

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Our 15 standard tints are : Sky Blue, Double Blue, Pink-Red/Rose, Pink-Magenta, Strawberry Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Mint Green, Peach-Orange, Amber-Orange, Purple, Purple-Rose, Grey, Lilac-Rose and Aqua-Turquoise Blue.