Change background colour for glasses tint
  • Pink-Magenta

  • Rose

  • Grey

  • White

  • Peach

  • Amber-Orange

  • Yellow

  • Lime

  • Leaf

  • Mint

  • Aqua

  • Sky Blue

  • Double Blue

  • Lilac-Rose

  • Purple

  • Double Purple

  • Purple-Rose

  • Strawberry Red

Read123 Opticians are offering FREE NHS prescription tinted glasses for Visual Stress/ Meares-Irlen Syndrome glasses to all schools and colleges in the UK for those pupils and students that are diagnosed with this condition. Save over £200. We are the ONLY supplier in the UK who offers this service. We can also help adults who have a valid NHS voucher.

We are also now certified stockists of Clear Honeycomb lenses for Visual Stress which only cost £20.00 with your NHS voucher. These are available as extra thin lenses if you require.

Simply send us your prescription(s) as well as your voucher(s) and we’ll take care of the rest!

Please Contact Us for more information.