Anti-Glare Dyslexia Visual Stress Overlays


*Choose any combination of colours in the 5 or 10 A4 packs*

Read123 anti-glare A4 Visual Stress/Dyslexia Overlays are designed to improve reading in Dyslexics and poor readers. Our studies show that immediate reading improvement by as much as 70% can be achieved using coloured overlays. Simply place the overlay over the text and the words immediately stop moving!

Our A4 anti-glare overlays are made from a unique material which reduces reflections from overhead light sources better than any other overlay on the market giving a more pleasant reading experience.

We are Opticians who supply to both members of the public and educational establishments. Our range of 10 Dyslexia overlay colours have been specifically matched from our Visual Stress diagnostic software to replicate the improved reading seen with the colours on the software. There is no guarantee that this will be achieved with overlays from other suppliers as their shades are different.

Visual Stress also sometimes known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, or Visual Dyslexia causes reading difficulties. Read123 A4 Dyslexia Overlays improve reading by minimising distortions of words, letter reversals and difficulty with maintaining focus on text. Our colours have been scientifically designed by our Visual Dyslexia expert.

For bulk orders (schools, colleges, universities, resellers) please contact us.

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