Clear lenses for Meares-Irlen Syndrome

Clear Lenses for Meares-Irlen Syndrome

Don’t like the idea of tinted lenses but want a solution for Meares-Irlen Syndrome?

Well Read123 Clear Lens is just that. With more and more patients experiencing the benefits of the unique Clear Lenses also known as Honeycomb Lenses, and growing reports of its success on a multitude of patient types including Visual Stress / Meares-Irlen Syndrome, we thought it wise to clarify what this technology actually is…

“What are Clear Lenses for Meares-Irlen Syndrome”?
The lens was created to work on the same principal as pinhole glasses.

The principle of how they work is proprietary information, but microscopic regular patterned arrays within the lens framework help deflect harmful Electromagnetic radiation interference, as well as improving contrast and reducing Pattern Glare, which is one of the causes of Visual Stress/Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

Like our specially tinted lenses, these Clear Lenses have also had good results in helping people who suffer from Visual Stress / Meares-Irlen Syndrome. Having said that, some people get more benefit from tinted lenses as opposed to the Clear Lens.

Clear Lenses are ideal for those patients who suffer from Visual Stress / Meares-Irlen Syndrome and don’t want to wear tinted lenses. They come in standard thickness as well as THIN and THINNEST lenses for those high prescription / powered lenses in short sighted, longsighted, astigmatic patients who also have Meares-Irlen Syndrome. Please ask us for help in deciding which is best for you.

To buy, simply select Honeycomb Lens from the drop down when selecting your tint during purchase.