Homework & Revision Tips

Having visual stress may mean you find it even harder to focus than normal and it can begin to affect academic results and put off doing your homework and exam revision. But having visual stress doesn’t mean the end of the world, it just means you may work better in different ways to other people, and it’s perfectly normal. We’ve given you a few tips and tricks to try to help get you through the life-crisis period!


Tip #1:

Take regular breaks and oxygenate your mind. We all underestimate how beneficial it is to move away from the ever-flashing screens we face hourly and just switch off for a while. Give your mind a break and have some simple fresh air. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to go too far for it – sit in the garden or just walk around outside for 10-15 minutes. Fresh air does you wonders and helps to bring you back to focus.

Tip #2:

Keep changing it up. Mix your topics and subjects every hour or so and keep your brain refreshed with new things to do. Working on one consistent subject for hours and hours leaves you feeling a little brain-dead and makes you feel lazy in ever trying to revise for it again so keep your brain refreshed and switch around what you work on.

Tip #3:

Avoid being around TV’s or those watching movies – it’s a huge distraction! Constant sensory inputs are a great way to have a break, but they continue to keep tiring your eyes out and do not give you the switch off break you need to feel refreshed and raring to go again.

Tip #4:

Incentivise yourself! If you struggle to get through one task because you’re feeling hungry or want a snack or loads of tea, incentivise completing your current task with a bar of chocolate or a bag of popcorn. Make yourself have some motivation to power through your homework or section of your revision and keep rewarding yourself. It’s like the infamous saying – “work hard, play hard.”

Tip #5:

Get comfy. There’s nothing worse than trying to revise in a seriously awkward position or even in a busy coffee shop or overly loud bedroom. Choose somewhere where you can spread yourself out, have quick access to go outside for a break, can focus and feel ready.

Tip #6:

Background music can always be a good option. Nothing heavy like rock and roll or jazz, but maybe something a little more relaxing and peaceful – there’s loads of clips on YouTube or CDs and MP3’s you can buy and listen to so try giving them a go.

Tip #7:

Learn to meditate. It may sound ridiculous but it’s a way to relax and focusing on your breathing is a great way to reduce the feeling or stress and anxiety when trying to complete a lot of work in a short period of time.

Tip #8:

Most importantly, stay calm. Overworking yourself leads to burnout and having lack of sleep can increase a rate of stress and more importantly illness. It’s important to get enough sleep, eat properly and take appropriate breaks when needed to help yourself feel like you can manage. Exams are a stressful time and there’s no use in making yourself ill for them!

Tip #9:

Prioritize your tasks. If you have a mock exam tomorrow morning, revise for that first and last so you leave enough time for the information to sink and so you can go over it. Do the most important things first and try to work towards deadlines to help yourself from feeling rushed last minute.

Tip #10:

Break it all down into bite-size chunks. Revision for science and maths can always be daunting because there’s so much to learn. So instead of tackling the whole subject in one go, try breaking it down into topics and then into sub-topics and make it feel more manageable.

Tip #11:

Focus on 1 thing at a time and avoid juggling wherever possible – it makes you feel like you haven’t achieved anything even if you do feel like you’re multitasking. Successfully complete one job and then move onto the next task, it will help you to keep focused, motivated and happy when one thing is done to the best of your ability.

The key is to relax and do your best to stay focused. Try out these tips and see what works best for you. Our poster is available for you to download and use freely – just click on it below and save!

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