Test Your Glasses

Please read the text that will follow as fast as you can. This test is designed to determine how effective your tinted Dyslexia glasses will be, and how much improvement you can expect to have when you wear them. The process is quite simple!

1. If you have the testing kit of glasses, simply look at the text when wearing the glasses. All you are doing is deciding which colour is best when viewing the text. If you already bought a pair of tinted Dyslexia glasses and know the tint you require, then skip to point 2. below.

2. The next bit, you read the text 3 times without any glasses. To begin press “Start” and to end the test press “finish”.

3. At the 4th attempt you will read the same text, but this time in the glasses which have your chosen tint.

4. When you have completed this, you press finish and the results will appear.

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