Visual Stress Screening Software

Read123’s flagship product The Read123 Visual Stress Diagnostic Package, for the iPad is a cost effective and efficient alternative to expensive and long appointments with professionals. Available on a FREE 30 day trial to Schools and Colleges, it’s guaranteed to work. Don’t believe us? Try it and see for yourself!

Developed by Opticians, it is easy to use and smart enough to determine what colour a pupil/student needs for their Visual Stress overlay and specially tinted Visual Stress glasses. No training is required! Simply let the software diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct coloured overlay in as little as 5 minutes. Once the colour is found, the pupil or student places the overlay on the textbook and reading dramatically improves instantly by as much as 70% in some cases. Each pupil has their own record which the school can access.

Read123 Visual Stress Diagnostic software is currently being used by schools across the UK and this number is growing daily.

Around 50% of Dyslexics and poor readers have Visual Stress. 1 in 3 pupils have Visual Stress to some extent. This means that it’s definitely present in the classroom. However, it very often goes unnoticed. This has a detrimental effect on a pupil or student’s long term educational achievement. As a result all pupils should be screened for Visual Stress.

Read123 Visual Stress screening software is available for unlimited multi-user site wide use. This means you can test whenever you want, and however you want.

You can print out excel spreadsheets and pie charts as data records for your school. The results can be broken down based on male vs female, Yes Requiring Intervention vs No Requiring Intervention and a lot more. This makes it ideal forOFSTED inspection reports and makes the job of Inclusion Officers a lot easier.

If you’re a school or college, try your FREE trial here

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