Buy Quality Fashionable Kids Tinted Visual Stress Glasses

Size fitting guide: Please check the temple to temple width on the product description. This will tell you if the glasses will fit.

How to buy in 4 easy steps:

1) Decide on your filter colour from our screen colour changer and filter colour gallery

2) Select your frame by clicking on it, and use the Virtual Try On feature to see how they will look. Use the product description to view frame size.

3) Select filter code from drop down menu

4) Send your order to our lab at checkout

This range of Read123 Meares-Irlen Syndrome and Visual Stress glasses are for those pupils aged 7-10 who need help for the VDU and the whiteboard. They are available in 31 standard filter colours or a customised bespoke filter if this is what you require.

Glasses are specially made to order in our lab, to achieve the highest level of quality. Please allow 14 days for delivery for tinted lenses, or 5 days if express delivery is needed, and 21 days for International orders.

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