Black plastic frame/white sides (SPRING SIDES) + TINT INCLUDED, MODEL: KZ102 SIZE: 47-16

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    These frames will fit temple to temple width up to 120mm

    Find Meares-Irlen Syndrome specialist centre and glasses Suffolk.

    The use of colour therapy has been well documented in Dyslexia. Approximately 40-50% of Dyslexics suffer from Visual Stress. Lime Green Tinted lenses will help reduce the symptoms of Visual Stress reported by Dyslexics and improve reading dramatically. If you use Lime Green, then a lime green coloured overlay is not feasible with the whiteboard and computer in classrooms. This makes Lime Green tinted glasses ideal for those pupils who are Dyslexic.

    Read123 also make prescription lime green tinted lenses for Dyslexia and Visual Stress at an affordable price. Please select this from the relevant section and contact us with your prescription.

    Reading speed can improve by as much as 70% with tinted lenses in some cases. The right colour is determined by testing with coloured overlays. The subject will choose the right colour which reduces the symptoms as well as making reading of text easier.

    Read123 tinted glasses are based on these colours and have been shown to work time and again. This style of frame will look best with either Peach-Orange Visual Stress lenses or Yellow Visual Stress lenses.

    Read123 deliver to most locations including Suffolk.

    Search Find Meares-Irlen Syndrome specialist centre and glasses Suffolk.

    2 reviews for Black plastic frame/white sides (SPRING SIDES) + TINT INCLUDED, MODEL: KZ102 SIZE: 47-16

    1. 5 out of 5

      Maggie Y, Reviewed from York, UK (verified owner)

      A great service being provided.

    2. 5 out of 5

      Owen (verified owner)

      Good service.

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