What some of our clients say about our products and services

Remarkably effective product. To have prescriptions style tinted lens glasses made up by an Optician can cost £250 for the lenses plus the cost for the frames. With this product, my 14 year old daughter who was officially diagnosed with Mears Irlen can read 4 pages of text in a book in the time it previously took her to read 1 page. They are great for school work when she is writing on printed worksheets where the overlay filters which she still uses would physically get in the way. They are sufficiently robust, they are not at all like the flimsy frames of cinema 3D glasses. My daughter would have preferred to have a choice of styles but is getting used to these. A testament to their efficacy would be that I see her reaching for them of her own accord and doesn’t have to be instructed to do so.
As I am placing an additional order for coloured overlays from Read123, it starts me thinking about all the children in our school that they have helped over the past few years. With the testing and regular use of the coloured overlays and coloured exercise books, we have seen many benefits for the children whilst reading and writing, such as an increase of speed, improved fluency and in some cases, comfort to the children’s eyes. We have also heard a variety of comments from the children on the stillness and regular spaces between the words in a paragraph. The gasp of amazement from some of the children when they first use the sheet tells it all! With parents and teachers commenting regularly of the children’s increased confidence and willingness to read more, even at home, we know these overlays are making a difference to their learning. However, the most rewarding time is when the children excitedly come and tell me they have moved up to the next reading band level and the enjoyment they are getting from reading!.
Linda Welch
Inclusion Officer
Really good would recommend them to anyone with dyslexia that needs them. they are going to help thoughout my life. They are a really great idea.
Fantastic service, and good product. It’s early days but the glasses are helping my 11 year old boy with reading the whiteboard at school. Glasses are plastic but seem fairly strong and come with a good case. Good level of service from the seller and arrived in good time.
J Greenaway
Having been tested at school and being certain of the colour we required I purchased one pair for home and one for school. My Granddaughter aged 8 and her teacher say they have made a significant difference. The glasses are a good quality and look cool (like sun glasses) so she doesn’t mind wearing them.
Brilliant glasses, daughter is utterly delighted, thank you so much! A*
Great!! My daughter has had these a few days now and her reading has improved greatly. Fed up after battling to get some from an optician after her diagnosis I decided to look online. She isn’t embarrassed to wear them she loves them (10yrs old) they are sturdy and comfortable to wear come in a protective case with cleaning cloth. Impressed!! Worth every penny to help her.
Lynn R
I bought a pair of these glasses for my dyslexic daughter. Although she has the yellow plastic reading ruler she found this a nuisance when sharing books as she did not like using it and disrupting her classmates. With the glasses she can use them at anytime and they don’t interfere with anybody else. My daughter has told me that they have improved her reading.
I find it hard reading because of my dyslexia, and get headaches because of computer screens at the work place and the lights. When I first put them on I had a headache but it soon went and my eyes feel more relaxed now my eyes are used to them . I find it alot easier to read and when on the computer my eyes feel alot less strained. Great buy!
Help my daughter with epilepsy bests one about.
Works well, saves having the problem of finding the blue sheet of paper when reading
Love the glasses, great service, have them on now… PLS no migraines … A++++
Really good overlay, between these and the glasses I bought from the same seller it’s prevented migraines and makes reading much easier. I’m not dyslexic, but these are helpful for Meares-Irlen syndrome too. Highly recommend getting the glasses too.
Miss Kirkpatrick
Very Good Service