Spot The Signs: 10 Indicators That Your Child May Have Visual Stress or Dyslexia

Having Visual Stress as a symptom of Dyslexia can be a daunting thing for children, especially as the opinions of peers and others around can affect how much we speak up about matters most important to us. Children can often feel singled out due to having potential learning difficulties or with health problems in  general and many do not wish to speak up about them for the fear of feeling different or being treated differently, having more attention than others and coming across as a “teacher’s pet” because they receive more support.

As a parent, this can be a worrying thing but it can be controlled and MANAGED if the signs are spotted and the test is taken to screen your child for visual stress. image7

Visual stress can often be associated with those who have dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD however it can affect children and adults who do not have any learning difficulties at all too.  Having visual stress means that you find it particularly difficult to read and words appear to run off the page, look jumbled with letters mixed up and facing the wrong way and have lines clash into others. It can be very distressing for the child causing them to feel frustrated.

However, the signs and symptoms of visual stress can be spotted when a child is reading and the top 10 signs include:

  • Fidgeting when reading
  • Rubbing eyes a lot when reading
  • Complaining of any visual disturbance on the page or COMPUTER screen when reading
  • Using the finger to track words when reading and losing their place
  • Struggling at school and showing signs of frustration during reading
  • Slower reading for the age group which could indicate Visual Stress and/or glasses
  • Getting TIRED after reading be it short or prolonged periods
  • Frequent HEADACHES especially around the front of the head, when doing any close WORK such as reading/COMPUTER
  • Red watery eyes after any close work such as reading/computer
  • Using one eye as a dominant eye to view objects by tilting or moving the head

Our Visual Stress Diagnostic app is aimed at diagnosing Visual Stress easily and accurately without the need to see trained professionals. A full report is generated at the end of the test with a given colour that is suited for your child to help them read better on paper and on screen.

If you feel like your child suffers from any of these signs, don’t delay. Get them tested. For more information contact Read123 Opticians by visiting our website at or by calling 0800 689 0292. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected].

Read123 are fully qualified UK optometrists with 10 years experience WORKING for both Independent and well known High Street Opticians. Their extensive experience examining the eyes of children from all age groups has given them a unique insight into using colour to help reading problems in Dyslexics as well as in Autism. They are MEMBERS of The General Optical Council as well as The Association of Optometrists.

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