Migraine & the use of coloured lenses to help alleviate Migraine symptoms

intense-headache2-290x220Many MIGRAINE sufferers complain of HEADACHES which can be triggered off by fluorescent lights or any kind of bright light for that matter. They usually pass this off as being down to the bright nature of light and so typically wear sunglasses (brown or grey). Although this can cut down some of the glare, the symptoms still persist albeit to a lesser degree and the affected person suffers throughout life. Reading is also very difficult and TIRING.

Read123 have had 10 years experience dealing with patients who have complained of chronic MIGRAINE. The solution is usually very simple in the form of coloured overlays and specially tinted glasses. The impact this has on the patient is overwhelming. To finally resolve something that has been affecting the MIGRAINE sufferer for decades gives a feeling of great satisfaction.

The MIGRAINE sufferer typically suffers from Visual Stress where any kind of alternating striped pattern read-123-glasses-adults1 ( horizontal, vertical, diagonal) coupled with the reflected light from white surfaces triggers off a MIGRAINE attack, through a phenomenon called Pattern Glare.

MIGRAINE sufferers must be tested for Visual Stress by a trained professional. The chances are there will be a coloured overlay which will alleviate the symptoms. This colour can then be incorporated into glasses so everyday function, like working on the COMPUTER, reading from interactive whiteboards, reading in bed at night is made easy. Sky Blue, Double Blue, Purple or Rose tinted glasses usually helps with Migraine Relief.

So if you suffer from chronic migraine, don’t delay. Get yourself tested for Visual Stress. For more information on the correct tinted lenses, contact Read123 by visiting our website at www.read123.co.uk


Read123 work with fully qualified UK optometrists with 10 years experience working for both Independent and well known High Street Opticians. Their extensive experience examining the eyes of children from all age groups has given them a unique insight into using colour to help reading problems in Dyslexics. They are members of The General Optical Council, The College of Optometrists as well as The Association of Optometrists.

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