Frequently Asked Questions

Why your Meares-Irlen glasses tint is the same as your overlay.

– Do your tints help with Meares-Irlen Syndrome?
Yes. Our tints have been developed very carefully over a number of years by experts to ensure the range you see will suffice in the vast majority of sufferers.

– Can I wear these glasses outside?
Yes. Unlike other suppliers, our lenses are UV400 coated with the protective coating, as standard to ensure full UVA and UVB protection.

– Will wearing tinted lenses similar to my overlay harm my eyes?
There is ZERO evidence to suggest tinted lenses cause ocular damage much less those that are similar to an overlay. As qualified scientists, we’ve yet to see any scientific basis behind such claims. Please ask for evidence of this when presented as a sales pitch by any supplier.

– I’ve been told that the lens tint and overlay colour will be different. Is this true?

Why your Meares-Irlen glasses tint is the same as your overlay:

The theory of transmitted light vs reflected light and actual practice are not the same. In our vast experience we’ve never seen a difference between the two. Ask yourself, if the overlay colour and lens tint are always different, why are so hundreds of customers satisfied with Read123 when they choose a tint either through our screen tint changer, our diagnostic app or just their overlay colour?

Our Meares-Irlen Syndrome screen tint changer at the top of the page, and diagnostic ipad app are more than adequate to determine which tint will be required.

-Further information:

You also have to remember one crucial fact. The number of overlay colours compared to what is possible with lens tints is much much less. There are around 8 overlay colours and theoretically a million lens tints. Consequently, they’ll be different!

On the other hand, if there were the same number of overlay colours as lens tints, it’s our belief that there would be very few people, if any, with different lens tints to overlay colours for this very reason. 

Our video testimonials (click here) and Facebook reviews (click here) are proof of how Read123 Meares-Irlen Syndrome lenses work time and again.

Don’t be swayed by outlandish claims from any supplier in the name of “science”.

The management of Meares-Irlen syndrome is very simple and shouldn’t cost ridiculous amounts of money.

Moreover, we’ve yet to see any scientific evidence where over 100,000 or even 200,000 variations of a tint colour / filter produced a STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT improvement in reading speed when presented to the human eye in the same way that a shift from one colour to another would. In other words, these changes in variation of a tint are so tiny, that the observer can’t tell if they are even making a difference. 

If there is factual research on this, we’d love to see it. Otherwise, it’s just sneaky salesmanship!

This is why your Meares-Irlen glasses tint is the same as your overlay.

– I’ve been told by a supplier I will see normal colour vision through their lenses.

If a lens is tinted any colour, it will affect colour vision. If colour vision is affected when you observe the tint from the outside, why will it suddenly be normal if you wear the tint?

If it’s because you’re told you will get used to it and begin to see normally, then you will also see normal colour vision with Read123 lenses for Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

Ask to try their sample lenses first to verify this claim.

The ONLY way to correct Meares-Irlen Syndrome and have normal colour vision is through Clear Honeycomb Lenses which you can buy at Read123.

– Why are you so much cheaper?

This is because we are a social enterprise and because want to help families afford glasses which otherwise are expensive. We don’t do this for profit. Cost should NEVER be a hindrance to academic achievement.

We don’t believe in charging high prices for lenses which can be made a LOT cheaper yet provide relief from the visual disturbance associated with Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

Do you mix colours to achieve your tints?

– Of course we do. We mix 3-4 different colours to get our filters just right. Yet even with a task like this which requires concentration and skill, Read123 are extremely affordable.

-I have been told by an Irlen Centre “…Vision specialists do not have the testing methods or range of colors needed to correct problems of how the brain processes visual information…”
This is totally untrue and nothing but a sales pitch to get you to spend money on needlessly expensive glasses.

– Do you use proper frames?
All our frames and lenses are CE marked. We don’t use cheap materials.

– How long will my glasses take to deliver?
UK delivery is 10-14 days, International delivery is 21 days.

– What if the glasses don’t work? Can I return them?
If the frames are faulty or damaged, or the tint doesn’t work, we will replace free of charge or refund your money.